Paul Sybert

Paul W. Sybert

Virginia Beach, VA



Top Secret Clearance in 1962. Not active currently.

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OS/390,CA-7,Remedy,VSAM-T,Easytrieve,Panvalet,LotusNotes.Expediter,CMM,Fileaid,Cullinet,XML,MQ      MS Word, EXCEL, ACCESS,  COLDFUSION, Xpediter, EASYTRIEVE,CICS,Assembler,PLI,Abendaid,FTP,MQ,changeman,DYL280,APPC/LU6.2,LRF,DML,OPC,REX,Datacom DB/DC,DBUTILITY, REXX, CLIST and


New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) / Energy East   Ithaca, NY  and Rochester, NY April 2003  to present

 DatacomDB with CMM,CA-Datacom,CA-Ideal,Roscoe,TSO/ISPF and CITRIX/zOS, SAS,REXX,MVS,cobol Datacom DB/DC, IDMS, CA-Datacom CA-Datacom-CDC and CA-Ideal w/native calls,CA-ERWin. Endevor ,Intertest, QMF/SPUFI,tech support with all platforms mentioned here.DBUTILITY,Abendaid,Changeman,. CICS,PLI,Assembler, IMS, DB2 duties in this assignments included DB2 utilities: Unload, Load, Reorg, Runstats, Copy and Recovery. Consolidation of several smaller energy producing companies into one larger company.  Still work for NYSEG thru Energy East at home and over the phone.

Wrote PLI/PL1 & cobol software reading IMS database to convert to SAP; in many divisions of the corp of energy east / NYSEG./EASYTRIEVE RPTS/

Philadelphia School District, Philadelphia, PA     August 200 0 to March 2003  (Contractor)

Data Base Administrator. IMS Load and unload DB and maintenance for hierarchy DB. Software development with Datacom/DB worked for DBA manager to data structure / improve performance of jobs, load files, provide URT interface with cobol IDEAL and analyze architecture with other DBAs interface with  CA to resolve architecture problems and provide additional access methods including native Datacom calls as well as VSAM transparency/cobolII/Datacom DB/DC, DBUTILITY, SQL,CA-ERWin.,PL1

Lockheed Martin Inc. (was IBM Federal Systems Div.)  Owego, NY     June 1998 to August 2000.

Senior Programmer Analyst:

Project using Cold Fusion using mainframe data across server to client side.

Responsible for a corporate engineering bill of material system utilizing  CICS,  VSAM, PLI, embedded SQL access modules and transient data queues. I was primary point of contact for maintaining the engineering design data base via QMF/SPUFI. Worked with clients on site to determine system, problem  resolutions, develop specifications to be worked and provide status to management.Some PL1 programs contained assembler subroutine modules,DBUTILITY.(MVS JCL) OS/390, PL1,APPC/LU6.2,IDMS,ADSO. BDAM/VSAM/IDCAMS,Roscoe,TSO,Intertest,REXX,Clist/CobollII,SQL.

Hughes Training Inc. (was Cae Link Corp.) Binghamton, NY                 1973   to   May  1998        

Senior Programmer  Analyst:

Responsible for software development both CICS, batch using Datacom Database, Cobol, Cobol-2, PL1 and Ideal.  Also development with IMS, and endevor. Roscoe, Librarian, DBUTILITY.

Projects include: Datacom, CICS, Cobol, Ideal, IMS, PLI, Endevor QMF/SPUFI (MVS JCL) VSAM/IDCAMS,Roscoe,TSO/ISPF/BDAM file Bill of Material cobol w/assembler sub routines. File conversion using IMS and on account key, APPC/LU6.2,ADSO,IDMS./EASYTRIEVE/

.  Design document and code software producing data lists from data base with Datacom and Ideal.

.  Re-write company’s IBM CFMS Bill of Material software using Datacom and Ideal, some cobol programs contained assembler subroutine modules.

.  Project Lead providing new catalog system for US Air Force with Datacom and Ideal. 

.  Designed coded and implemented an engineering Product Status System  tracking part, assembly and manufacturing status through all phases of build cycle with Datacom and Ideal.

.  Software to convert engineering and finance data base files with Datacom and Ideal. Wrote software interface between Datacom and IDMS MRP data base .  Programmed hardware system tracking  manufactured parts and serial # with Datacom and Ideal, PL1.

 Education: Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Va.  BS Degree in E.E. Courses in Cobol, accounting, finance, Datacom-Ideal, IMS, IDMS,ColdFusion 

References: Mike Dougherty (Manager) 817-781-0135