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About nature, love, human pain and victory and overcominging and God and spirituality.

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"Inspirational Songs"  me singing and playing guitar my inspirational songs.

1.  Eye of the Storm   (About Jesus)

2.  Mention Of His Name   (About Jesus)

3. His Hands          (About Jesus)

4. Fishersman's Song    (About Jesus and His disciples) 

5. Born Again In His Beauty   (About being born again)

6. His Spirit Will Flow    (About God Spirit)

7. Through The Valley   (About my personal experience)

8. You Lift Me Up      (wedding song for my sister Sue and Ray)

9. Beacause of Him   (About Jesus) 

10. You Came To Me   (wedding song for Isabel)


"Love Songs: Spread My Wings and Fly" me singing and playing guitar, my secular songs.

 1. What You're Gonna Do 
2. I'm Leaving The Neighborhood 
3. Call Me Anytime from Dixieland 
4. MoFo Guitar 
5. North Texas Day 
6. Parking Lot Picker 
7. I Want To Spread My Wings 
8. Love in Reverse 
9. Every Once in a While 
10. Hello Old Friend 
11. You Roads Lead Back To Me 
12. Love Keeps Me Coming Back 
13. EveryTime We Said Goodbye 
14. He Said I Love You

"Across The Border" me singing and playing guitar my love songs recorded in Texas.

1. Across the Border Just in Time

2. Candle In The Night

3.The Closer She Got


1. Unlocked Something In Me

2. On The Insiide

3. In Your Eyes

4. This Feeling

5. The Silent Pages

6. I Appreciate You

7. Compassionate Eyes

8.  I love Loving You

9. These Gifts

10. She Is

11. Life and Death

12. Intimate Timesbwith you

13. Romantic and Passionate

14. Hello

15. September Again

16. Couldn't Find A Card

17. I'm Grateful

18. I ask My Mind To Forget

19. I Love You

20. It Snowed Today

21. My Ideal Christmas

22. Christmas Delemma

23. Thank you for this year

24. Rose For Your Birthday

25. Time

26. Shooting Star (poem)

27. After Thoughts (grief)


"Collection of My Poetry"   Spoken Word

secion 1. Love     

section 2. Song Lyrics

section 3. Christmas Cards

section 4. Friends

section 5. Pets

section 6. Family

secation 7. Work 


CDs can be ordered  from:   Larry Corwell, On-Point Production, 67 Court Street, Binghamton, New York 13901,  

Phone: 607-773-7850       

 Also keep in mind all my CDs ultimately came from him. On-Point Production is a quality organization and easy to work with.

On-Point Production is a class-a recording studio first: Damian Cornwell handles this end of the business and Larry Cornwell handles the rest.