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About nature, love, human pain and victory and overcominging and God and spirituality.

My Stroke recovery book: "I Know How You Work". (this is about my Stroke Recovery #1)

"The Kindness of Strangers" is my Second Stroke Recovery book written about my accepting help from other people.  (this is my Stroke Recovery book#2).

The Kindness of Strangers Treasures of the Heart
by Paul Sybert

The Dreamer and the Hummingbird: A Collection of Lyrics and Poetry
by Paul Sybert.  Songs Lyrics you will love.  My editor said I have a Shel Siversteinesque quality to many of my poems and song lyrics.


This also about my stroke recovery accepting help from other people.

If there’s one thing author Paul Sybert knows well, it’s the act of living life in the face of adversity. In The Kindness of Strangers, Sybert shares his life story and shows how he has confronted his fears and troubles and placed his trust in Jesus Christ.

This memoir shares some of the most important moments in his life, as well as the tribulations that have tested him. The Kindness of Strangers recalls some of the most important events of Sybert’s life—being baptized at age twelve, earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering, experiencing divorce and the loss of love, struggling with an alcohol addiction, appreciating the gift of a spiritual mother, and surviving a stroke.

But most of all, Sybert shares how God has worked in his life. Through anecdotes and illustrations, he communicates the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Kindness of Strangers offers insight into the life of a man who faced his fear and persevered. This is Paul's second Stroke Recovery book. Stroke Recovery, a Must read.


I Know How Hard You Work: A Journey Through Stroke Recovery


I Know How Hard You Work: A Journey Through Stroke Recovery
by Paul Sybert

Publishers Editors


It came without warning.

While relaxing at home one day, Paul Sybert suffered a stroke that left his arm and leg numb and severely impaired his ability to walk. The ischemic stroke, caused by a clot in his brain that cut off the blood flow to his brain cells, led to an emergency room visit, a lengthy hospital stay, and months of arduous rehabilitation. Through it all, Paul never gave up hope for a complete recovery.

I Know How Hard You Work relates Paul's inspiring journey from a debilitating stroke to his remarkable return to health. Through a mixture of instruction and support, Paul shares each step of his healing process to help stroke survivors learn to cope. He outlines the difficulty of physical therapy, the constant emotional turmoil, and the importance of focusing on a healthy self-image. Each chapter also includes a set of therapeutic topics ideal for exploring your own frustrations and hopes during your recovery period.

Deeply personal, I Know How Hard You Work offers a gentle, calming presence in the midst of your struggle and gives you the strength to find your way back to good health. Stroke Recovery, a Must read.



The Dreamer and the Hummingbird: A Collection of Lyrics and Poetry

The Dreamer and the Hummingbird: A Collection of Lyrics and Poetry
by Paul Sybert. Songs Lyrics you will love. My editor says I have a Shel Siversteinesque quality to many of my poems and song lyrics.



Compiled over thirty years, The Dreamer and the Hummingbirdis author Paul Sybert's dramatic collection of heart-rending lyrics and soul-shattering poetry. Written in appreciation of the muse sent by God, Sybert writes in celebration of how this muse touched his ordinary life with extraordinary love and inspiration.

A description of love in all its forms, The Dreamer and the Hummingbird touches a chord within us all, celebrating the joy of life. Romance, hope, and love have all encouraged Sybert to put pen to paper to create his unforgettable song lyrics and verse. Within his words, he explores music, nature, and God, revealing a passion for the very existence of our world.

Gentle and beautiful, this collection is a stunning tribute to our Maker and humbly shows Sybert's appreciation for his gift of communicating through the written word.