Paul Sybert
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About nature, love, human pain and victory and overcominging and God and spirituality.

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1 Eye of the Storm
2 Across the Border
3 Mention of His Name
4 You Lift Me Up
5 Candle in the Night
6 Call Me Anytime
7 What You're Gonna Do
8 I Want to Spead my Wings and Fly    (Rapture Song)

The Dreamer and the Hummingbird




These selections are from the book, "The Dreamer and the Hummingbird" and from my CDs. All selections, words and music, written by Paul Sybert.   The above selections are on the CDs and very representative of what each CD contains.  Songs Lyrics you will love. My editor said I have a Shel Siversteinesque quality to many of my poems and song lyrics.


"Inspirational Songs"  (songs, example: 1,3 and 4 above).

"Love Songs: Spread My Wings and Fly" (songs, example: 6,7 and 8 above).

"Across The Border"  (songs, example: 2 and 5 above).

"Intimacy: My Journal"   (love letters) (poems, example: 10 above).

"Collection of My Poetry"   (poems, example: 9 above).

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